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Kind words from happy clients

"I am a hypnotherapist/ psychotherapist and I love the way Abbe uses her voice to take the listener into an alternate brainwave state. There is something in her energy that lulls me into a sense of caring embrace. It feels like a mother cradling me, so much so, that my nervous system comes out of it's daily race, and drops into resonance with my heart/mind.  As a psychotherapist specializing in neurobiology, this is JUST what causes trance and sleep states.  Abbe doesn't just read scripts like other narrators.  She's subconsciously sending compassion, nurturance and love along the airwaves to my nervous system.  Abbe is a natural.  She is unassumingly positive, non-threatening and quickly comforting like a warm, fuzzy blanket.  Abbe carries something special in her being which comes through her voice. I personally believe she is by far- the best narrator I've ever experienced in the sleep-story world."
Paige Bartholomew, M.A., LMFT
"Abbe. I just want to say I love your beautiful voice. I love the slumber app and am able to fall asleep much faster. I really appreciate what you do. Thanks."
"Can’t tell you how grateful I am for you! My children (twins age 7) have been really struggling with separation anxiety with their Dad being deployed with the Army in Afghanistan. We had 6 full weeks of hysteria, vomiting, sleepless nights and devastation. Then we found your stories on sleepiest. Changed. My. Life. They are upstairs listening to you just now - One of the princess of Oz. They always ask for you.  Just wanted to let you know, in case you don’t, that you’ve made a tremendous difference for people. Thank you."
"Hi Abbe! Please - more stories on Slumber. You’re the only one who can make me fall asleep. I’m through all your stories three times by now. Stop all other work you’re doing, and narrate more Slumber sleep stories, my health depends on you! ;)"
"I just wanted to reach out to tell you how healing and soothing your voice is. I listen to slumber every night and it’s the only thing that helps me sleep. I’ve struggled with anxiety for years, but I always feel at ease when I listen to your voice. Thank you so, so much. You’ve truly made an impact."
"I just want to say I absolutely love hearing you on the app Sleepiest. Yours was the first story I listened to and now I can’t listen to any others because they just sound wrong!"
"I’m a nurse in ICU/HDU and I had a patient who was struggling to sleep 2 nights ago, and so I played your recording of the River Raft for her and it worked! She slept! So I just want to say a massive Thank you for recording your soothing voice because it’s been amazing to be able to sleep and help my patients too!"
"I love your narration on the Get Sleepy podcast. Your voice is mellifluous! I LOVE all your stories... my favourite is Footprints in the Snow... the big reveal at the end brought me to tears. Thank you!"

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