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You can find me most days working on the two podcasts I host: Koala Moon and Koala Tots; both available on the Koala Kids podcast channel. I write the introductions and record the stories.

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Koala Moon Podcast

(formerly Koko Sleep)

For children aged 5 -12 for bedtime.

A podcast of original bedtime stories and meditations for children, designed to make bedtimes a dream.

30 min episodes of original storytelling based on creatures living in and around Sleepy Forest, which is home to our main character Koko the koala and his family. Stories are light, engaging, nostalgic and humorous and gently soothing.

The meditations are sprinkled among stories in the playlist and these range from relaxation pieces to stories with meditation elements written by an accredited child hynotherapist.

In November 2021 I co-created and became the host of Koala Moon (formerly Koko Sleep). The podcast is a true passion project of mine and my partners at Sleepiest. I write the introductions and perform the stories with my team supplying the exceptional writing talent, marketing prowess and business acumen. Koala Moon is now in year two and attracts over 1.3 million downloads a month. We hear from listeners of all ages in every country and know that they each tune in on average 27 times a month. We regularly hear from parents that their children now look forward to bedtime rather than seeing it as a punishment looming at the end of a fun day – the bedroom is no longer a battleground but a sanctuary for calm connection, reflection and gentle entertainment.

We were delighted to be shortlisted for a British Podcast Award in 2022 and an Independent Podcast Award in 2023!

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Koala Tots Podcast

Aimed at babies and parents for nap time/bedtime.


Koala Tots is my new baby bedtime show, with wind-down rhymes, a calming bedtime story, and relaxing sounds and music. I read each story twice (the repetition encourages the onset of sleep). The stories are written in a way that research has shown will improve baby’s sleep, language comprehension and cognitive development.

We launched in October 2023.

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About your host

I have honed my storytelling style to help listeners of all ages relax and feel safe enough to fall asleep. I know that a story at bedtime has the magical ability to reset you for the following day by allowing you to let go and shift into another state. We regularly hear from young listeners that they have great dreams and wake up feeling really well slept.

I can vividly recall listening to my own mother read stories to my brother and I at bedtime – and more recently I read to my own children in the evenings, so I feel I have a solid understanding of what needs to happen with a bedtime story; interest but not excitement, curiosity but not suspense. I understand firsthand how storytelling in a calm conversational style can genuinely help all ages to connect, destress and access the deep rest we need to thrive.

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