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Ever since I can remember I’ve loved to draw, colour in and sketch. This easy relationship with drawing yielded an A level, a successful Foundation Course at Winchester School of Art and four years later a BA (Hons) in Textile Art which I then went onto ignore.

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Instead I moved to Budapest and pursued a squiggly career in EFL teaching, travel writing, restaurant critiquing, Journalism, Charity Communications, Freelance Copywriting and now, very happily, Voice Acting and Narration.

But.. a few years ago my itch to create, relearn and play again became so overwhelming I suggested my husband gift me vouchers for an art course I had found nearby. He did so happily and I’ve been going to my happy place, Chapel Cottage Studio with Jantien, for about 6 years now. I don’t intend to stop. I still learn something every single time I visit; be it about materials and approaches, techniques and tastes. However the real standout benefit has been the regularity of the classes and the warmth of people within them. I have been able to grow as an artist to a point where I am really ready to share my work with the wider world.

The walls of our home are all full and yet my compulsion to paint is not abating. In fact I have made the wonderful discovery that my art and my job are symbiotic to a pleasing degree – in order to complete a long audio track/story I need to review it and I find that sitting still and listening to myself without any displacement activity means I overexamine – often to to detriment of the overall performance.

Happily, I’ve found that painting is the perfect activity that enables me to listen to the entire arc and performance of the story without getting too mired in the detail of whether I delivered the best this or exact that.

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Please contact me to ask about prices and availability of originals, prints and cards.


Get in touch

Please contact me to ask about prices and availability of originals, prints and cards.

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