My Work

One of my first anonymous auditions a couple of years ago was for a US sleep app, and a few weeks later for one in the UK. A few months later I was headhunted by another. At that point the phrase “sleep story” was new to me and, possibly, hadn’t yet been copyrighted by Calm(TM).

Thanks to my loyal and wonderful clients, I’ve been able to help nations relax and nod off ever since. 

Where You Can Hear My Voice

A brand new interactive family board game from the team at BBC Earth. 

The App that puts you to sleep.
Over 150 episodes. The Largest sleep library in the app store.

A sleep app that uses carefully selected sounds, stories and meditations proven to help you get to sleep up to 11x faster.

The Podcast to put you to sleep. A free daily podcast from the team behind Slumber. Find it on your favourite podcast platform.

Sleep at the push of a button

The world’s most advanced sleep and power nap system to fall asleep fast, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.

An audio visual meditation experience.

Uniquely hypnotic visuals combined with soothing psycho-acoustic music and expertly crafted guided meditations.

Sleep sounds and stories.

Sounds and Stories designed to help you achieve better sleep, focus, meditation, and more.

Clear your mind, relax, and expand your awareness with a unique visual experience.

Beyond sleep…

In between regular mindfulness jobs, clients hire me to voice their training, marketing and explainer videos, eLearning packages and non-fiction books. Looking to the future, I’d love to expand into TV documentary narration and advertising. But I know my work here is done if I ever get the call to read my all time favourite children’s book “What a Mess” by Frank Muir. For it was his dulcet tones reading about his mad puppy’s exploits that sent me off to blissful sleep most evenings of my childhood.

Abbe has just the most amazing recording voice, after reading a test script for us and listening to some of her work, I appointed her to read our 50,000 word audiobook Agencynomics on ACX.

Spencer Gallagher, Audiobook commission

Hear me read

Agencynomics - A business guide to successfully scaling an Agency

A business book for agency owners giving advice and insight on how to scale their Agency. On Audible.

Other services


With my training as a journalist, and years of working as a marketing copywriter, I can help proofread, edit or overhaul a script quickly. Please do ask if you have a draft that needs to read more naturally or have a little more clout.


My pro recording studio is in the beautiful Wye Valley, UK but I travel regularly to Bristol, Cardiff and London and have access to larger recording studios and audio producers nearby if required.  

Post Production

I usually provide fully edited audio for post production by my client’s sound engineers. However I can also compress, limit, master and process to your requirements, thus handling all post-production and delivering the files to your end client if needed.

Do you have a project or script and want to collaborate?
Tell me a bit about it.

On YouTube

What can I say – other than you’ve nailed it! Thank you for being patient with my direction – you have interpreted it just right and I am delighted with this treatment. I’ve just listened to the rough mix with the music and it is breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you, thank you.
I knew you were the One.

Phil S, 5 Paths Meditation CD